Four Venezuelan youths try to figure out adulthood while being brutally sabotaged by the tragicomic contradictions of Caracas, a city in a long-lasting toxic relationship with crisis. Karetabla is an adult animated series, irreverent, provocative, and with elements of fantasy intended for a Latinx audience. It follows the lives of four young adults as they try to complete mundane tasks that unexpectedly morph into insane adventures.

Main Characters

Mecha Character Design


Mecha is our militant firecracker. She has an instant empathy for any liberal cause that crosses her path. But she is also very horny all the time, so often her sexual drive takes over and makes her do things against her ideology.

Yender Character Design


Yender is a “Salao” and “Cagao”. That means he has very bad luck and is kind of a pussy also. People tend to stay away of him because his “cara e culpable” (guilty face), so he is kind of a loner and has trust issues. He likes to work hard and study, but it tense situations can act cowardly and self-protective.

Brayan Character Design


He appear to be a very proud and secure individual, but deep down he is ashamed of the place he was born. He was born with and hearing deficiency witch he mastered to use it in his weird and illegal business ideas to get out of the Barrio (with the help of Yender of course).

Mileskys Character Design


She is hot but awkward. She has not discovered her sexuality yet, probably because exploring it could confront her with the beliefs of her evangelical family. Often calm and chill, she can expose cold blood and killing instinct when the shit hit the fan.

Secondary Characters (some)


Karetabla Team Member

Carlos Zerpa


Karetabla Team Member

Rosario Carlino


Karetabla Team Member

Cesar Diaz

Art Director

Karetabla Team Member

Nathaly Núñez

Character Design

Karetabla Team Member

Daniel Duque

Character Design

Karetabla Team Member

Juan Rodríguez


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